Jake Kuthe

Jake is a strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer and physical preparation specialist at Rosencutter Ultra Fitness & Performance. He spent time at RUFP as an intern from May through August 2015. His time as an intern allowed him to understand the RUFP philosophy and grow in many different aspects as a fitness professional. After spending some time in different gym settings, Jake began working full time at RUFP in May 2016.

Jake’s passion for strength and conditioning evolved from a desire to serve and help others. Before Jake became a member of the RUFP staff he was a firefighter and emergency medical technician for nearly five years. Over that time period he learned a unique skill set, which made his transition into the fitness industry seamless. Following his time working at the fire department, he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology from Northern Illinois University. Jake has been weight training for more than half of his life and has played many sports including football, hockey, and baseball. The countless hours spent in the weight room along with his education, medical training, and athletic experience gives him an advantage over most coaches.